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Mango Meets Chadwick Delaney

The Mango PR team in Hong Kong worked with Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director, Justerini & Brooks for the Annual Portfolio Tasting at The Grand Hyatt Hotel. We took the opportunity to interview Delaney about his passion for wine and travel, and his fine wine predictions for 2018…

Q&A with Chadwick Delaney         

Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director , Justerini & Brooks

Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director , Justerini & Brooks

What are you working on now? What have you got coming up?   
I am busy travelling, after spending a week in Hong Kong, I will be going to Scotland, Bordeaux and India. At the moment, we are waiting for the Burgundy pricing and will get these over the next month. We will then launch Burgundy in the second week of January. I will go to Bordeaux for an extensive tasting at the beginning of April and we will receive the pricing shortly after that.

What changes do you expect to see in the next five years?
At Justerini & Brooks, we look after 49 countries. However, if you look back over the last five years, we were looking after about 30 countries. I expect us to see a growing interest in fine wine globally. In Asia, I am convinced that the market for fine wine in China will become rapidly sophisticated, even over the last couple of years there has been enormous changes.

Where is your favourite place to visit?
The most beautiful place to visit for a wine region is unquestionably Piedmont. Barolo is a staggeringly beautiful place. With the combination of food, this would be very hard to beat.

Who are your heroes, who has inspired you in real life?
Lots of people inspire me. I think anyone making great wine is doing something pretty special – seeing that level of passion is very inspiring and energising. It is not about how expensive a wine is, it is about it being hand crafted. I remember going to the Rhône region for the first time and seeing the same level of dedication that you can see in the top wines of Pomerol and Burgundy. It is a wonderful thing to be involved in. It is a real craft.

What makes you tick?

Seeing things being achieved. I am very driven. Seeing progress is very motivating for me.

When you are not working and travelling how do you like to fill your downtime?
Tennis – I try to play a couple of times as week. It is quite a blended life as customers are friends and friends are customers.

What is the quality you like most in a person?
Perseverance, restless energy.

What is your own worst fault?
I have many but the main one is that I need to relax a little bit more. I can get a bit too involved in things.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?
To heal.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

What would the Chadwick of today tell his/her 18-year old self?
I’m not sure he would listen. Dream big.

What will we be talking about in 5 years’ time?
It will be fascinating to know where we will be having that conversation. It is such a rapidly expanding world both in the regions creating wine and the countries buying it. I would imagine it would be a very different place.


Chadwick Delaney was in Hong Kong for the Justerini & Brooks Annual Portfolio Tasting.  justerinis.com


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