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Mango Digital Digest: January

From the latest software updates, to the most talked about digital campaigns, the Mango Digital Digest is the monthly roundup that will help you stay up-to-date on all the important social media news you need to know.

This month’s trending topics…

1. Kylie Jenner got beaten by an egg for the most liked Instagram post.

This month, a picture of an egg poached the title of most-liked Instagram post from Instagram queen, Kylie Jenner. The photo, which was uploaded by @world_record_egg on January 4th, overtook Kylie’s previous record of 18 million likes in just 10 days and has since reached over 51 million likes… #EggCellent!



2. The ASA cracked down on social media influencers

The Advertising Standards Agency has called for more transparency from social media influencers when declaring if they have been paid or endorsed to post, after a spate of breaches were flagged.

In addition to launching a guide for influencers (available to download here), the Competition and Markets Authority has also announced that it has secured formal commitments from 16 celebrities, including Rita Ora, Zoe Sugg and Michelle Keegan, to state clearly if they have been paid or received gifts from brands they endorse.


3. Social media managers rejoiced as Instagram introduced a new feature that allows you to post across multiple accounts at once

Users that manage multiple Instagram accounts now have the option to share the same content across multiple feeds, with the simple touch of a button. While this time saving feature has been welcomed by many, it does mean that we may see an influx in identical content across the platform.


4. YouTube swipes in the right direction

YouTube has embraced the love for stories by adding a new option to swipe right to view the next video.

While this feature is currently only available on the iOS app for 6S phones and above, it will allow users to easily shift between videos by swiping left and right. In addition to this, YouTube users will also be able to get  a sneak peek of the next video by partially swiping forward.



5. Instagram announced a new way to share stories

The social media giant is testing out a new feature that will allow users to share a link to their Instagram stories. The ‘Share Link To Entire Story’ option is expected to be welcomed especially by brands, looking to use cross-channel promotion to drive engagement on their IG channel.

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