Celebrity influencer marketing: how to find the face that fits

Looking for the hottest name for your latest influencer marketing campaign? Do you know who’s who?

Traditionally, the word ‘celebrity’ was synonymous with A-list stars and major movers and shakers; reserved for the likes of actors, musicians and professional athletes. However, the rise of reality television stars and the growing culture of bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers has broadened the spectrum and redefined the word. Influencer marketing has never been so multi-layered.

With this in mind, is there still value in working with “traditional” celebrities as opposed to digital influencers to promote a brand or product?

Yes. Absolutely.

Celebrities infiltrate our everyday lives through various media: whether we are conscious of it or not, their presence can influence our decisions to buy a certain product, wear a specific item of clothing or visit a particular holiday destination. The ‘right’ celebrity face can wield powerful sway and substantially drive sales when associated with the right campaign.

So how do you find the perfect match? We’ve listed the key factors to consider when approaching a celebrity to endorse your brand or product:

What’s your rationale?

Consider why you want to work with a celebrity. The media are unlikely to cover a story just because of the celebrity affiliation, so you are not guaranteed an influx of coverage based on this alone. The product, or story must be strong enough on its own, so the partnership should enhance the story rather than being the focal point.

Do your research

When choosing to work with a celebrity, consider what their values are and if they align with the brand’s core values. As the celebrity is going to be talking about a particular product, they need to feel passionate about it so the partnership must work organically and not appear forced. It is also important to be clear about your budget – and terms of the deal. Are you looking to pay a fee or explore opportunities for which the celebrity might accept a barter agreement? Either way, whatever is being offered should be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Make the right connections 

Don’t be afraid to get in touch. Most celebrities are contactable via their agents, whose contact details can be easily found online. Examples of top UK talent agents include: James Grant Group, International Entertainment Agency and United Agents. When approaching them, ensure that your pitch is engaging, concise and tailored to suit their personal interests.

Appeal to your target audience

It is key to ensure the celebrity is right for the brand and influential to your target market. It is also important to consider if a collaboration would fit in with your overall PR strategy. For example, if you’re a luxury hotel brand that prides itself on being understated and discreet, know that a celebrity partnership will not be the most effective way to promote the brand.


Influencer marketing campaigns with traditional celebrities can still add value to a travel PR campaign because they help raise brand awareness and generate positive exposure. Working with a reputable figure can help strengthen the reputation of a brand as fans are inclined to have confidence in what is being endorsed. To ensure a successful collaboration, the campaign should be imaginative, engaging and tap into your target audience’s interests and passion points.

Despite the surge of digital influencers in recent years, most celebrities now have social media accounts, which can be used to further promote a brand and reach relevant audiences directly. This means traditional celebrities are now essentially digital influencers in their own right, which further emphasises the value of working with them.

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